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The Adventures Of The Billy Goats Gruff

The Adventures of the Billy Goats Gruff - Kevin P. Futers This story follows a band of adventurers seeking for nothing more than a kiss to restore than natural human form. The problem is, when they kill the wrong troll, they anger the wrong trolls. This is a new spin on an old Norwegian fairytale. In the original, everything ends after the troll is killed, in a sort of happily ever after moment. In this story, however, Futers demonstrates his ability to add the human struggle, and the truth that resolutions are never so simple. Will the goats lose their humanity before they regain their human form? What can be made of characters vying for the comfort of their natural state, when in the end they will destroy that which is offensive to them, or that which they are intolerant of, to get their much desired kiss? The names may seem overwhelming at first, but I expected this, given it is mythology. He spins yarn well, and I hope we see much more from Mr. Kevin Futers.