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The Punishment of the Gods

The Punishment of the Gods - Jake Yaniak The Punishment of the Gods is truly epic—coming in at 770 pages, this book is for the reader who likes a deep, long experience. The prose may at first seem stunted, as in the first few sentences, where something simple is explained in circular fashion (one particular character’s willingness to speak up or keep quiet), but if you push on, you’ll be rewarded by Yaniak’s complex vision.
The plot falls on Daryas Galvahirne’s journey to destroy several powerful rivals, all while keeping happy his lover. The plot occurs through the course of five total books, and for the price, there are few deals comparable to this on the Kindle Store.
If you want really deep lore, mythology and elves thrown in the mix, and a wonderful spin on the fantasy genre by Yaniak, then pick this up. It’s for those readers wanting a deep experience in epic fantasy.