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For those of you who have read some of my stories, you’ve noticed that I write, so far, in several primary genres: Horror, Dystopian, Science-Fiction, and Fantasy. Because some of you might like one genre, and could care less about the others, I’ve made this outline of my available books, and what books are coming next in each genre. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my mailing list to get notified when a new book is released (the sign-up form is on the top right of the sidebar). Will there be other genres eventually? Sure. I am not bound in chains by a publishing house to these genres. Here’s what’s out and what’s to come for my books:


House for Sale (A Short Tale of Horror)
Living Alone (A Short Tale of Horror)
Coming Soon:
Before Halloween, 2013: Neighborhood Watch, a full-length horror novel set in suburbia, told through the eyes of a twelve-year old boy. With this novel, I am addressing the main concern of my horror fans–that the stories out now are way too short. Expect extended, and heavy, doses of sustained suspense with this title.


UPDATED As of August 2013, Black Hull the Complete Novel is available! Find it now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and soon on iTunes and Kobo also.
Black Hull is a serial novel, and comes out in episodes. Right now, you can find episodes 1-7, as well as the First Season, which contains episodes 1-6 together.
Black Hull (A Lost in Spacetime Thriller)
Coming Soon:
The remaining 5 episodes of Black Hull, and then the omnibus (complete book) edition, out by the end of Summer 2013.


Darkin: A Journey East (Book 1 of the Darkin Saga)
Darkin: The Prophecy of the Key (Book 2 of the Darkin Saga)
Darkin: A History of Blade and Light (Darkin Short Stories Collection #1)
Coming Soon:
By 2014, Darkin 3, called Darkin: The Academy of Gaigas. Also, the second Darkin Short Stories collection will be released in 2014.

If you’re excited about my upcoming releases, let me know. Also, join the mailing list for reminders when a new book comes out, and to find out about special promotions I will run.